Thursday, November 4, 2010

If you read my words love, know, in your heart, that they were not meant to kill you

They were meant to wound you, so you can heal

You told me once that you wanted to be a better man

To touch the Hand of God

And, love, no one can cut you.....but me, to the depth that you need

You told me things about myself that cut me wide open

Things I needed to hear, that no one else ever dared to say

I saw myself, for once, for who I really was, through your eyes

The bad, beautiful, ugly, broken, tragic, tender, loving, messy, insecure girl who needed a Father Figure/Lover

A girl who cried in your arms, because it was the first time I was ever shown true tenderness

In that moment, I would have died for you. I was your moth, and you love, were the heat

I felt the universe course through my heart, right then, and you were the best thing in it

You made me a room of my own....A room where I could be free for a little while...

No one ever did that....for me

You let me tell you secrets I had never told

You hurt me

You healed me

You gave me the courage to be a woman, not just a child

But she is still there...the child

Love, take my words and let them comfort you in you hour of need

For I bear you no malice...

I only bear an unquenchable love for you....

And love does no harm

Rue @ 2010

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Eri said...

Hi Rue--
I'm Eri eriz1 at mindspring dot com

beautiful beautiful writing...