Saturday, October 30, 2010

{ a photo i took in an old cemetery 40 miles away}

He fulfills his needs at the expense of me

Trying to train his tired, old body. Lying to his mind that everything is alright

He feeds his next fascination, feeds his ego. His body on the ground

He can't see that the reason he abandons everyone, is because he was abandoned. And, he never understood why. Pushes down that memory, saying, he does not know why, he is, like he is....He cries

So he does it over and over again. Abandoning lovers, abandoning friends.

He wants them to pay for his own abandonment. Wants them to feel the pain he felt as a child

They are all passing phases in a long line of chains...Linked by: lust, love, greed, fame, the need for things, traveling, self- loathing. He turns

He recreates the drama that shaped his life. Forever holding the final blow that forces those who love him to implode. To self- destruct, ..Because they cannot understand, love given, then withdrawn.

He smiles, his eyes warm, crinkly

Another victim, another sin

When will it end?

Rue @2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's make it through the horrors of this day love, before we start thinking of tomorrow's pain

And for this moment let's pretend that death does not exist, that age does not destroy

If they turn out our lights and gas, let's eat dinner by candlelight

The hard times won't last....

But if they do, let me know the comfort of you

Through soft Summer rains and Winter suns

When I am cold...Warm me in the fortress of your arms

When sorrow takes hold of you I will kiss away your pain. I will envelope you in my arms, my legs, my mouth and tongue

My breasts will be beacons of light to to the darkness of your night

I will console you, with my touch, my heart, my love

Rue @ 2010