Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's make it through the horrors of this day love, before we start thinking of tomorrow's pain

And for this moment let's pretend that death does not exist, that age does not destroy

If they turn out our lights and gas, let's eat dinner by candlelight

The hard times won't last....

But if they do, let me know the comfort of you

Through soft Summer rains and Winter suns

When I am cold...Warm me in the fortress of your arms

When sorrow takes hold of you I will kiss away your pain. I will envelope you in my arms, my legs, my mouth and tongue

My breasts will be beacons of light to to the darkness of your night

I will console you, with my touch, my heart, my love

Rue @ 2010


Michael David Sherwood said...

This is amazing. It is so beautiful that I had to come back to read it again. I didn't know what to say before because I read today's post first.
I sensed that you have been working yourself up to todays "delivery" for some time, and it must have felt like being in labor, so large is your burden.
I am glad that you shared all of this Roe, again I am stunned by the brightness of your bared soul.
Awesome writing!

Heart of the Mermaid said...

In reference to the first post...I believe you were quite right about me building up to that Michael. I have these terrible nightmares and bouts of sadness...I felt like people needed to know why...That I am not just some troubled girl. That there are reasons why I do suffer..And I hope that in some way my words will help others.

Maybe to let them see they are not alone in the things they themselves have suffered.

Thank you very much for your words.. They mean a lot to me.

love Rue