Monday, July 26, 2010

I have come to the realization, that there are many people who care that work at the hospital.

And then, there are exceptional people, like the man who delivers meals. He is amazing. He really is. He asks me everyday how I am, how is my daughter. Brings me free meals.

There was no way he could have known I came to the hospital with $2.50 in my pocket. No way. It is God, looking out for me like He does in so many ways.

Many of the nurses are fantastic..Some are not. But there has been more care shown then I thought would be shown.

There have been things that have driven me crazy. Careless things, that have pushed Sis's tests days ahead. Meaning more days off work.

That could have been prevented with some thought.

Things that bother me are: How much blood they take everyday. They take between 2 & 3 vials per day. I think to myself, "Is it possible for them to drain a human being dry from their blood taking?"

Hospital vampires...

Surely a smaller amount of blood could be used. This is 2010 for God's sake. We have more technology than we have ever possessed in all of history. Yes?

They should have started Sis on a liquid diet yesterday morning, along with laxatives, and the stuff that tastes like grainy limes. That clears you out completely.

They are doing an upper GI and lower GI.

But instead of doing the liquid diet yesterday and all the other things they should have done. They only start her on the grainy lime stuff at 5:00 pm. I say to the doctor, " Shouldn't she have been on a clear liquid diet all day before you started this stuff?"

He is moon eyed over the nurse, and the nurse has hot pants for him. I want to ask them to please get a room and get someone in here who is responsible.

I am weary..

Weary of ignorance, nonchalance, uncaring attitude that some seem to possess here.

I have been patient. No more. Patience is gone.

So when the doctor comes out of his vegetation state he says, "Actually, yes, she should have been put on a liquid diet yesterday. I'm not sure why she wasn't."

So the tests get pushed ahead until tomorrow.

Another delay. That could have been prevented if they had not been careless. I want to cry.

For some people, this would be no big deal. But I am among the working poor. Living paycheck to paycheck. Like most people across the nation.

Where 1 or 2 weeks of work missed can have a devastating effect. Where is my family in all of this? Why can't they help? They have major problems of their own.

It's me and Sis. That's it.

Her boyfriend has been sick all week or he would have been here.

When I call in to work a few days ago, they tell me to bring a written letter from the hospital.

My heart sinks thinking of things I can't help but think about. The Power Bill, Water Bill, Car Payment, Insurance...Etc.

What little money I had left is gone. Gone to repairs, Mom, Children.

So I sit here all day and pray for answers. Pray for direction. Pray I don't lose my mind. Pray to be taken care of..And for God to take care of me. Pray that God shows the doctors how to treat Sis. How to help her. Pray He heals her.

At this point all I have is Faith. I hold onto it and believe for the best. What else can I do? Give up?

For some reason, no matter what happens, my nature just won't let me. Give up that is. I've came close. Very close. But today I won't.

Rue @2010


Anonymous said...

Blood reproduces at an amazing rate. There's also about 6 quarts in the avg. human. 2-3 vials isn't really that much in the grand scheme of things.

hang in there.


Heart of the Mermaid said...

Thank you...I wish I knew your name. I know you indeed are not a cat. But I am happy with your feed back all the same. Love Rue

Vince said...


Your writing is very powerful. As a father of a cancer survivor, your description of life in the hospital brings back so many memories some good, some sad. So many good hearted and strong people work in hospitals, and they deserve credit for working in an environment with sadness all around, yet keeping in good spirits.

I wish you all the best....and all the strength you need.

(aka Messinwiththekid)