Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I imagine me coming to your door..You are waiting for me there..Your strong tan hand on the wooden frame

I knock, hesitantly...And you immediately answer

No words are are spoken between us

You take me in your arms and kiss me to the bed..Not stopping

Your tongue implores mine to never leave

We stumble over shoes and books you have so carelessly left laying around

We make it to the bed and you slowly undress me..Gently..Kindly..Lovingly, like you would a child

I turn my face away because you know I am held together by tape and glue

Slow tears pour from the corners of my eyes

You take your hands and lift my face to yours...You speak

"Your body is just a small extension of who you really are- I want to make love to you because I have connected to you in a place where no words exist. You are in my spirit-And I am in yours"

Then you slowly make love to me, and I to you

Then we lay beside each other face to face, and you say

"My heart is yours"

Rue @2010


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WDavidStephenson said...

My computer display caught fire as I scrolled through this. Verrry hot.

PS: are the illnesses in your family resolved? I hope so: just too much suffering in the world these days *sigh*